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Just wanted to let everyone know that I have moved my blog, actually over a year ago. I see some new followers and I wanted to let you know I update on this site now!

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Designer Cenia Paredes Designs sold at Macys

I was invited to cover Macys Fashion Show in Puerto Rico, Designer Cenia Paredes would be presenting her designs, she has been associated with Macys for about two years now. I arrived and was received by Georgi Morales Pipkin, Macy’s Media Relations Manager, Southeast and South Central Regions, such a charming young lady, she introduced me to Cenia , I was talking to a Top Designer, very recognized in the Fashion World and I felt I had known her forever, she was so easy to talk to.


Photo taken by: Apolonia Vargas

She told me that she grew up in a family dedicated almost entirely to the fine art of dress making in her native Dominican Republic. Her mother was a custom made seamstress and Cenia started designing for her mother’s customers at a very early age. Cenia’s mother often had to deal with the difficult situation of having a customer request a dress that was being made for another customer and expect it to look the same way on her even though both had different body types! Cenia would then redesign the dress to make sure it flattered that specific figure.


Photo taken by: Apolonia Vargas

Paredes developed her distinctive fit concept since an early age. After having the opportunity to come to America, she graduated Summa Cum Laude from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in 2004. She then worked in New York’s competitive fashion district for various renowned brands, but always kept her dream of designing her own line as her ultimate goal.


Photo taken by: Apolonia Vargas

In 2009, Cenia launched Cenia Paredes®, a day into evening dress line that takes pride in its quality and blends modern, clean aesthetics and sophistication with a revolutionary fit concept that offers four distinctive fits that cater to the four most predominant female body shapes and collections created exclusively to flatter and compliment them! It is her belief that clothing should be designed with the type of figure it would flatter in mind and always knew that she wanted to design a clothing line that not only represented her vision and design sensibility, but that would also help women look their best no matter what shape they are!


When designing Cenia Paredes® collections, Cenia takes the body shape into consideration in every step of the design development process from the initial concept, to sketching, pattern making, fittings and through production, I was at awe with her beautiful designs. Her designs go up to a size 14 but she is considering expanding to larger sizes. Caridad Fernandez UNICA Agency Owner and PRHFW President was the Master of Ceremonies, always looking beautiful and poised. The models modeling were different shapes and sizes and I loved that. They had appetizers, beverages and Gift Cards for everyone, I would say that we got the royal treatment. If you have a chance go to Macys check out Cenia Paredes Designs you will love them…

Watch this video about her and her designs below…


Marta Rivera is a blogger from Puerto Rico, she is an English professor  and a Plus Size advocate on the Island, an Island that is mainly for thin models, but she is trying her best to change that. Marta will be blogging for Curvy Girl on a Budget letting us know everything that is happening in the Plus Size community from fashion to events in Puerto Rico.

Saving money with Angel Soft!

angelsoftpic You may have saw my post about how My mother inspired me to be 2x time stronger here.  I’m back to talk about how you balance your household with Angel Soft. We are always running around either to work, school to the store and more, at times not having time to go out and buy things we may need in the home. Angel Soft is helping families achieve balance in managing the household budget with their 2X Stronger toilet paper.  It is an ideal balance of softness and strength at a value we all can love.



I love saving money hence the blog name Curvy girl on a budget, and it can be very difficult to balance a hectic life and saving money but you can do it! My family and I have a  day which we sit down and cut coupons just to save a bit of money every week. I think it’s so cool that Angel soft is 2x times stronger which cuts your time driving to the store to buy more because it last’s so long and saves you so much money. This gives me more time to enjoy my families company.

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Have you heard of 113? It  has been a huge buzz around the plus size fashion world and I can see why! When you first log onto the website this is what you see…


I love how BOLD they were with this campaign and were no hold’s bars when it came to creating these amazing pieces.


There clothing aren’t some frilly girly, polka dot filled dresses, these are bold, fearless,unafraid,undaunted pieces.


They just scream to me I am a fearless woman who wear’s what she wants and won’t apologize for it.




I am in love with this piece, the shoes make the whole outfit.


There website say’s it all

One One Three is a premium fashion design label for plus size women, by plus size women.


This brand is a UK brand,  all items are available up to a size UK32 which is amazing!

Would you rock these pieces?

Connect with 113….



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ECO Fashion: Elements of Green Collection by Franovik’s

It gives me so much joy to share with you this amazing line that I love! The Designer’s are Franovik’s, and there pieces are breathtaking. There latest collection called the ECO Carpet collection was specifically created by Franovik’s ELEMENTS OF GREEN fashion show division for New York. They call the collection ECO Carpet to create a staple for award shows and venues that need to show elegance while being completely Avant Garde.


For this collection, they wanted to take pieces that already existed (as they do with all their pieces) and create a fresh new look with those special pieces. They played with garments that were donated by friends, clients, followers and some bought pieces that were found in thrift stores. This is what makes me love their line!!


They take them apart and use the best pieces, because these garments are older, you have to look for the best part and turn it into a new creation. Just like all the other designers, they look at colors, trends and put their inspiration into every piece.


The final is a collection worthy of the “RED CARPET” for any award show, pageant, gala and/or special evening.


I am in LOVE with this piece!

Every piece in this collection is breath taking and shows the incredible talent of the designers Francisco Perez and Viktor Franovik, by recreating each garment into a masterpiece and making each one stand out and take your breath away. They have had their garments in various magazine’s.


This piece makes me feel like I can be a goddess, I could just see it now…. David Beckham feeding me grapes…… Wait… I’m sorry what were we talking about!?

This collection is just so amazing and I am so glad I can share with my readers about these two talented designers! 
Designers: Francisco Perez and Viktor Franovik
MakeUp: Face Future by KN Cosmetics
Photography: Anton Oparin
To see more of their Designers and upcoming event’s please check out their website.

What makes you 2x stronger? Plus giveaway! #AngelSoft

I am so glad that Angel Soft asked me what situation in my life has made me 2x times stronger. I have had alot of things in my life that has happened that has made me 2 times stronger than I was before.  It was through those experiences that made me a stronger person and grateful for everything I have. One experience that i’ve had was when my mother was diagnosed with Pancreatitis, It was devastating news to our family. Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas which requires immediate medical attention and hospitalization during an attack that has multiple causes and symptoms. When she was first diagnosed they asked her she was a heavy drinker. She quickly told them that she is allergic to alcohol and doesn’t drink ,they were so confused because some people who are heavy drinkers get this but that’s not the case for all. They dove into her medical history and found out that the medication she was taking for all these years for her Asthma damaged her Pancreas.


My Beautiful Mommy and I! 

This condition made her very ill and put her through alot of  pain which was awful to see especially when you really can’t do anything to help, but be there for her and comfort her.  Even through she was in that much pain she still went to work and took care of the family. Just seeing this made me so much stronger as a person, that even through adversities I can come out stronger in the end like my mother did. To never give up and push on even if you are going through some health concerns or hard times. That everything will get better in the end. I’m so glad I was able to share this story with all of my lovely readers!


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