What’s fashionable about breaking your ankles and falling?

Prada: At Fashion Week In Milan,

Oh Snap she busted her tush!!! LOL dude if i was there i would have been on the ground laffing my but of!! cuz im mean! na but i would have at least helped them.. why would you make a product when the models can’t even walk on them i don’t get it!! plz ! who’s really gonna buy those shoes? the caption on the box should be (Warning!!!May cause a broken ankle) i mean really after this freakin runway show whos gonna buy those shoes i won’t trust me!!  so below is a link to the video or just copy and paste it!!


Dang that must of hurt

Ok this pic below makes me so mad!! just look at! what is that!a bag of bones wrapped in a poorly made outfit!

The clothes are nothing thrilling at all and that one girl’s ribcage is so sad. I’m sorry, people are not THAT thin naturally!! that’s a total lie!! and anyway That skinny girl looks pisssssssssssssssssed off (or hungry one of the two).

“and those are some huge platforms.

why didn’t M.Prada just design the shoes with some kind of GRIP on the bottom instead of that slick wood that you can see when that poor model falls on her butt? I mean shoes were meant to be worn and walked in, right?

or, at least buy some of those self-adhesive shoe grips to slap on there so your models don’t bite the dust”…

what happened to this collection it was much better!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2Kcp3RCK94   <copy and paste that link on ur browser k>

Im not saying the she’s not a great designer it’s just that  collection i did not enjoy and anyway who really wears that out in about? plz answer that!! ?


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