Hey Do Ya Know _Plus Size is In!! :)

Ok everyone is like <no it’s not it’s unhealthy and disgusting>!!!! 😦

Hold on who made u supreme ruler to say what is disgusting or not…. being “heavy-set” is not a crime at all… and not every person who is plus sized to b or so called “over weight” or whatever. im no doctor but i do not think it something to look down on.. You can still b plus-sized and healthy <i am> i eat everything that is considered healthy but the occasionally slip ups happen we are human after all lol 🙂

i don’t bout ya otha plus-sized gals like me, u can’t really find stylish clothing..

well i found some great stores that i will list below and hopefully ur find wat ya lookin 4 i did 🙂

http://www.bandlu.com Luv the site great choices….

or http://www.torrid.com awesome

http://www.lanebryant.com        rad

and even http://www.hottopic.com has some great things…

Here is a great role model… She is so awesome she is an advocate for fashion Hella Yea!!!   type in the net and ur’ll see what i mean….

Velvet D’Amour!

Velvet D'Amour

Velvet D

& M’oniquie

Lindsay Hollister

& Raven & Jennifer hudson are all role models to me

.. u don’t always have to look like twiggy to fit in…

Till lata



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