Short Shorts the New Fad!

Last summer, they were minuscule.!! This summer, they’ll be microscopic.!!
Booty Shorts Back IN!!! My Eyes Will again Burn Up!!!!!! lol Okay no really There in Again thats awesome u wont see me in them but here are some of the kind of Booty Shorts i would like to see On People ….

>.<........Okay Ladies get your Jaws off the Floor!! they are making Guy Short Short’s O.O what do you think? do u like how they would look on guys or would u rather not…see them on guys and would rather girls wear them? Personally I like it on guys where what make su feel comfortable and freaking AH its like a Gazillon Degrees outside we should be lucky there isn’t People running around naked trying to beat the heat i will see things i cant UNSEE! evar!!! lol
Here are the styles on the runway just see how tiny they are!!

Next we are going to see this!
*Shivers* Oh god no! lol hahahahahaha Oh my!! O.O

Okay like i Promised New Music Every week!

Gökhan Özen


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