Amanda Bynes is Back Baby!!! :)

That only took a month and at least she is using Twitter to keep everyone up to date!

Great news Amanda Bynes fan’s, She’s back !!! wooot!!! But its not because she has gotten a new role or is filming anything at the moment… but she has announced via her Twitter she is no longer retired. “I’ve unretired,” Tweeted the star of the upcoming Easy A before going on to plug her new film…. lol i am so friggin Happy she isnt leaving i was like no your like the only level headed person in Hollywood please stay.. i’m glad she i back baby.. what do u think?? Should she have maybe thought it out and not shared via Twitter like last time??? Leave Comments letting me know.. Follow Amanda @

and here is a Song im Listeing to its so awesome ive listened to it at least 20 times yeah i know i have wayyyyyyyyy to much time on my hands lol Its called                                                                                                                                                                   Queiro Decirte- Archangel Feat Daddy Yankee


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