Brazilia Moda… A Model Story.. :)

Who is this woman u ask??well its Brazy-Plus Size Model and Motivational Speaker who has been in the industry for several years. she have appeared on several talk shows ( Rickey Lake, Geraldo Rivera, Mark Walberg) .Carnie Wilson/// she has been on the Tyra Banks show also on weightville…. she has done Fashion Shows for Several Different Stores etc.. She…promotes the plus size acceptance and the beauty of just being a BBW & BHM……..

She is From Brooklyn,NY Yes the city that never sleeps >.< lol. she has Spread her Message of Self Confidence and of just loving who you are 🙂

In the past two years, a vigorous storm has been kicked up among plus-size women and their advocates. It has been fueled by a fashion industry that continues to discriminate, an ambivalent popular culture and a weight-conscious, fitness-focused White House that together have delivered a singularly mixed message to the obese: Be happy and proud of who you are. Who you are is not good…wtf!”It shouldn’t be about obesity, but it always comes back to that,” says Michele Weston, founding fashion director of the groundbreaking Mode magazine. “That’s what people see.””People think every plus-size woman is yearning to lose weight. We have body imperfections the same way other women do, but we feel great about ourselves,” New York-based designer Monif Clarke says. “People are willing to call themselves fat.”Accept them or not. Just don’t block their hustle.she has Inspired alot of people to be true to them selves no matter how we look or feel about ourselves…. including myself 🙂  I absolutely love brazy her Caring and loving spirt is so amazing.. everytime i am with her i cannot stop smiling.! its just a fun time with her..

i will do more Articles on the fablous Brazy with a Full Length Interview so stay tuned 🙂

if you want to look her up check out her facebook page here —->

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or on her Ning page here —–>

From The Trya show –Weightville


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