Miley Cyrus: Who Owns My Heart! Girl whats wrong with you! O.O

WHOA!!! Miley Hold your Horses!! WTF is up with you in that video as much as i like the song! i saw the video and was like this cannot be MILEY CYRUS! the 17 Year Old!!! this video is tooo sexy and sultry. and sexed up! geez miley where are your parents??!! OH WAIT THEY ARE THERE ON SET!!! oK the fact that her parents actually allow her to do these things First go against her So CALLED Beliefs! Her parents Morals! i mean cant they go to jail for exploting a Child!!!!! i mean if she is not old enough  to drive a car by herself or Drink why in the hell is she able to act like a little slut! Don’t get me wrong i love miley(before all the miley fans bash me!) i’ve follwed her for years. but this crosses the line. i mean their is a Difference between SEXY! and SLUTY!.

Is she trying to come out or something! Kissing up on girls. i’m all for gay rights but dang miley what the heck.! its going against everything you belive. i think her parents should grow  A PAIR and let her know she is still a child no matter if she says and i quote she said ” Since i did the movie THE LAST SONG” ive grown up:” wtf!!! a 10year old can go be a part of a movie and can say i grew up that doesnt mean they did! and the reason  it upsets me the most its because she is Throwing around she is a Christian and has morals.. and she is a role model for little girls .. they have a better chance of Pamela Anderson being a better role model for them than Miley Cyrus at least Pamela doesn’t throw around Self righteousness. she is what she is an i respect her for that…like the saying says “ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS” what is MIley showing us????


One thought on “Miley Cyrus: Who Owns My Heart! Girl whats wrong with you! O.O

  1. OKay this iss good you have actuall facts and i understand you 100% Miley needs to slow down and if she does do anything then she should try her hardest not for people to find out. If we have all these things people write about her and tell her shes going down the wrong road then give it to her she would probably change. When i heard about Miley Cyrus i was like shes different shes not going to end up like lindsey Lohan but now i think i might take it back

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