It’s “Raining Men” For Rihanna And Nicki Minaj….

It’s “Raining Men” For Rihanna And Nicki Minaj


When i heard that Rihanna was asking Nicki MInaj to sing a song with her on her next studio Album LOUD!!  we could not be less surprised — what artist hasn’t worked with Harajuku Barbie in the last year? Still, i couldn’t wait to get our eardrums on the song, and as it turns out, the dancehall reggae tune fits Nicki’s quirkiness perfectly. Still, for a song called “Raining Men”, we’re disappointed there’s no sample from The Weather Girls’ fabulous disco hit. Ah, can’t win ‘em all. Get soaked in the ladies’ jammin’ collab below!
“Fallin’ like the rain, so we ain’t running out / Always raining men, so what you worried about?” sings RiRi.

The track incorporates the children’s nursery rhyme “Eeny Meeny Miny Moe”, which is something that belongs in a song by, say, Willow Smith, not a pop star older than 10-years old. Surprising no one, Nicki steals the show again with her infectious and energetic verse. We’re not bowled over by this one, but because of Nicki’s inclusion, we’re almost definitely betting on this one becoming a single.

Loud drops November 16. what are your thoughts on latest Album By her, folks? Will you be picking it up? Below is the song Hopefully it will be up still 😀 Ciao 😉 ❤



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