Stephanie Seymour and Her Son Bond On the Beach…

Stephanie Seymour is one Hot Mama!! We all know that, after seeing those bikini-clad photos from St. Barths, that Stephanie Seymouris a certified stunner.!!

But you’ll never believe the identity of the love interest draped around her as she emerges from the surf.

It turns out the 41-year-old’s touchy-feely partner in crime is Peter Brant Jr., her 17-year-old son!

The supermodel — in a flesh-colored bikini — is seen canoodling with her 17-year-old son, Peter, during a stroll on the beach. The two playfully hug (her hand on his hip, his on her… well, you can see for yourself) — and at one point the polite gentleman even kisses his mother’s hand. Aww!

But we gotta ask, is it too close, or just all in good fun?

Leave us a Comment Below telling us what you think 😉


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