Twitter a New Place to bully Fat people….

So this morning i wake up and log onto twitter and as usual i glance over to the trending topics to check it out and see #Onlyfatpeople a trending topic. So of course i was curious and i clicked it. I was appalled and disgusted on what i saw people writing thousands of awful things people were writing. Example below.

You can see some folks who are upset about it also. but then you see people saying (#onlyfatpeople go to mcdonalds and order ten double cheese burgers, two orders of large fries and a DIET coke quotes from @ATEENTHING

how is anything that was said remotely funny?

The fact that #onlyfatpeople is trending shows that apparently prejudice based on size is the only prejudice seen as acceptable… How

is this acceptable in our society? Why do people feel the need to bully others ( also there were some people who defended us)

because they look different.? People are bullied everyday and develop eating disorders or worse kill themselves. Words do hurt! Word CAN KILL.  This is just a form of cyberbullying! When will all the hate stop.

I can share what happened to me this week, i was out with my cousin when we decided to go somewhere and get a drink. As i was getting out of the car these two Men decided to start pointing and laughing at me and making fun of the way i look.  And they are lucky they caught me on a good day *im the type that will walk up in your face and ask you what is so funny* anywho as i walked in they followed me with their eyes and got up making motions with there arms that im so fat. Which i totally did not know?…. LOL

It did Not upset me, the only thing that pissed me off is that i know those guys were raised better than that. that they would publicly display this hate in front of people. Not caring who is around. it’s actually pathetic to me because they took time out of their day just to make fun of me. Makes me giggle 😉  I just hope we can make a law that it’s a Crime to bully people because they are Different Being that they are Chubby, Gay,Black, etc we are all human beings.

We all deserve respect what we do with our life shouldn’t affect others when it’s doing no harm. We all deserve to be happy, why do people feel the need to lash out on people who are different? I will NEVER understand this acceptable Prejudice.


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