My Favorite Pink Sweater….

I love this Outfit, i wore it when it was a bit chilly outside.

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my pink sweater i got it as a gift christmas, i wore it by itself and it didnt feel quite right.

So i paired it with a cute Bow Belt which i got at Rainbow for $4.00, and a simple black vest. I found the vest at the goodwill for $2.00 yes 2bucks! i almost passed out with excitement when i found that piece for such a great price.  I paired it with my fav jeans, the feature i love best on these jeans is how they gather at the bottom. I found them at fashion bug for $10.00!  When i go out shopping i try to find the best deals out there and try to save a buck here and there. I shop tons in the clearance sections you can say i’m a Clearance Addict!

Take me to any store show me the clearance section i can get  you a whole outfit for under 20 dollars. Ok so now on to the shoes i got them from B.Street and the Alice in Wonderland necklace is from Hot Topic for  only$7.00! So if i add everything up this whole outfit only cost me $23.00 dollars! not including the shoes and the sweater which was a gift for Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed my post i will be posting more soon. With tips on how to shop on a budget but still look fierce!

~Curvy Girl on a Budget~


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