Puerto Rico’s Captivating Beauty Ana Garcia

Photography-Vanessa Velez ,Wardrobe-Plump Couture .Lingerie by Blossom Boutique.

Exclusive Interview with the Puerto Rico’s Plus Model Ana Garcia

 Ana Garcia is an aspiring Plus Size Model in Puerto Rico and a featured model at Fashion Passport-Plus Size Edition on May 5, 2012 in San Juan, Puerto Rico….

1. How did you feel when you found out that you had been chosen to model at Fashion Passport Plus Size Edition?

I felt so happy and proud to be able to represent the Plus Size Woman at this amazing event.

2.Do you think that this event can change the way Puerto Rico views Plus Size modeling on an Island that is for thin models?
I think it’s a great step forward to let them see that we can do an amazing job regardless of our size.

3.Everyone has been talking about your beautiful Boudoir Shoot with Vanessa Velez. how did you feel shooting Boudoir?
It was something new for me, but I had a great team of professionals by my side and that made it easy, I would do it again because I felt very comfortable.

4. What are you doing to prepare yourself for Fashion Passport?
I recently took some runway classes that have helped me, I am eating healthy and doing my exercises. I want to give my 100% to the event.

5. What are your plans in the future in the plus modeling world? 
I have so many plans, I want to keep on perfecting myself in this field, keep doing reasearch about the plus size industry and letting people get to know me better.

I wish Ana Garcia all the luck in the world, she is so talented and yet so humble, I know she will do great job at Fashion Passport Plus Size Edition!!!

Photography-Vanessa Velez Wardrobe-Plump Couture .Lingerie by Blossom Boutique.


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