The Andis Flat Iron Review

I never really do a review thing like this but after i tried this Flat iron out i had to tell you guys! Okay so last week i made a huge Boo boo and stepped on my Chi Flat iron! so of course i was going out of my mind finding a replacement one that wasn’t was expensive as the CHI.  And Girls let me tell you i found my new best friend! Its called the Andis Flat Iron you can find it at walmart or target or even online. But i Suggest you going to walmart for it, i only spent 17.00 dollars on it.

It’s a 1″ inch ceramic plates heats up to 400 degree’s , heats up in just 30 seconds. It’s made for thick coarse hair, but i still used it anyway i have very curly hair.

Let me tell you, this i did my long hair which usually takes with any high end flat iron almost an hour to actually finish.  It took me with this Flat Iron only 15 mins!

And its very easy to use doesn’t smoke up in your face while you are doing it, my hair come out so shiny and silky smooth.  I’ve never had my hair feel this amazing, i think i am in love with it ha ha.  Anyway i hope you found this review of the Andis Flat Iron Useful and i hope you found your new BFF like i did haha 🙂


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