Plus Size:Spring Trends 2012

Ahh, spring is in the air. You may feel ready for it but is your wardrobe? Spring’s trends this year are all about simplicity, with a twist!  These are just a Few trends that caught my eye.

Maxi Dresses

Your legs are craving the fresh air of spring, so give them what they want with one of spring’s top trends the maxi dress. I have a feeling this is going to be big in summer also! You can find them in a range of prints and colors, so you’ll easily find one to fit your day-to-day style.

Maxi Dress

I just love this Dress so much it's the perfect spring outfit.

Color Blocking

The hottest trend of the spring/summer season is colorblocking, and personally,i cannot be more excited. The idea is pretty clear: separate colors into bold, singular sections!

The Mix of the two colors are perfect!

Color blocking can be seen in many things, such as Clutches,Watches,Shoes, Jewelry etc

Pretty In Pastel 

It’s been a long time but  the new color for Spring Summer 2012. Pastels are soft and chalky, flirty pieces. Pastels can be layered,  lacey, or include some print of some sort.

These are just a Few of my Fav Pastel items.


Don’t discard your floral pieces just yet, this season the trend continues with a high-octane dose of flower power. Head to toe floral prints are all over the runway this season.

Flower Power is on your undergarments also, Gok Wan designed this beautiful piece.

Your Feet will also feel the flower power!


The versatile fabrication takes on sultry lingerie vibes in black and a boho disposition in muted tones on cotton. Recently, i’ve spotted girls in white, lavender, red looks that speak to a more girlish sensibility. People usually expect Lace to be black, but i have seen it in Fuchsia,yellow, browns and its just as sultry.

Black and White

Sophisticated and chic, the coupled color combination of Black & White paired together, will never go out style.  The classic black and white combination both compliments each other and creates a unique contrast of light and dark.

Sexy Crop Tops

If you know me you know i will be rocking this trend till the end of time. It’s a major 80’s flashback, i can just see the high side ponytails, faded jeans and hightops already. PS: Lets not forget the leg warmers!!  I love how fashion tends to repeat itself overtime.  This trend will never get old and its so fabulous that plus size gals like myself can rock this.  Quick Tip: If you dont feel comfortable with a lil skin showing you can just put a tank top under the shirt.

Prints oh my!

Prints are in this season, dont shy away from it just because you are curvy. I use to stay away from prints in fear i will look like a walking Couch! That is farther from the truth. Don’t be Afraid to rock prints. Big, bold prints  are in season especially animal-inspired (my fav is Leopard print).  Believe it or not prints can help distract the eye from a problem area.  A bold, statement-driven top paired with a dark bottom (which can be black pants or dark denim) can divert eyes from your problem area.

There are so many amazing trends out there, these are just a couple of my Favorite looks.

Tell me your fav trend, post a look on my facebook page.


~Curvy Girl On A Budget~


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