Asos Curve Plus Size Model?

I love Asos Curve, they have fablous trendy clothing for a affordable price.  But when i saw this Beauitful model below posted as a plus size model, i was confused.

Was it a mistake? or is that the size ASOS considers to be plus size?

The plus size model industry has been under attack for years with modeling agencies pushing the taller larger models passed off as plus size instead of using a more realistic looking model for their ad campaigns. I personally believe that the Ad’s should use realistic looking plus size models, i would want to know how the clothing would look on a size 22/24 dare i say someone who is actually shorter….and  not a size 10 model using padding who’s 6 feet tall.. But we all know that won’t happen for a long time. Hopefully one day they will use Plus Size Models like Swak Designs,Moni C etc does.

Which Model Do you identify with? The Asos Curve model or…

The Monif c Model?

Sound off in the comments with your thoughts…

~Curvy Girl On A Budget~


8 thoughts on “Asos Curve Plus Size Model?

  1. This is unfortunately kind of typical for the fashion industry. They seem to forget we curvy ladies are a large segment of the population and that we actually spend money. Frustrating.

    • So True! Hopefully someday they will see that we are willing to buy from their Brands. They should cater to all sizes and show the various sizes wearing their clothing.

  2. I completely agree! When I shop I want to see clothing targeted for my size to be showcased by models that are almost my size or at least a plus-size. Most of the models I see, and all of the ones I see at ASOS, are totally NOT plus-size!

    • Yes and how would we know how it would look on our bodies when the person modeling it, is far from our size.
      I know i have this problem when i shop online, they always have smaller models in plus size clothing.
      When i shopped at Romans back in the day all the plus size wear was on size 6 or smaller models. I’m like really now? -_-

  3. If she’s plus size then I’m 5’7″… I’m 5’4″ and there’s not a chance in hell that that model is either plus size or wearing a UK size 20 as ASOS states. However, I have heard that any size up from a UK 8 and above is considered plus size, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I heard/read that.

    • Yes they say that in the US also that a size 8 is considered plus size in the model industry. Its insane to think someone that small can be considered Plus size.

      • It’s a bit much! If US sizes are two sizes bigger then the UK sizes then that’s a 12 here and that’s not very big at all definitely not a plus size. I guess it’s kind of hard to define what it is as different women can have completely different frames so what’s considered plus to size to woman may not be for another.

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