Kiss My Face

I am so excited to share whats been happening this week, recently i reviewed this Fabulous Product by “Kiss My Face”  They were very nice and they sent me two of their products to review.  It was like they read my mind! The Products they sent me were

The Kiss My Face Peppermint Foot Scrub and Creme

Peppermint Foot Scrub ($8.95)

  • Walnut Shells Naturally exfoliate the skin
  • Peppermint Oil stimulates the skin
  • Sunflower Oil improves skin moisture retention

Peppermint Foot Creme ($8.95)

  • Peppermint Oil stimulates the skin
  • Grape Seed Oil moisturizes and regenerates the skin
  • Cranberry Fruit Extract works as an emollient

                I am in loveeee with these products I tried them out for a week to see how my feet would feel and if they looked different.  When i first opened the Foot Scrub and the Creme the smell of the peppermint was very fragrant but not overpowering which i liked.   On the fourth day of use my feet looked less rough and softer, by the seventh day my feet were so smooth. I can honestly say that no other products has ever worked on me like *Kiss My Face* did. I have very sensitive skin so i choose wisely what goes on my skin.  I really liked how they are Organic and Cruelty free.  *Kiss my Face ,Foot Scrub and Creme* gets an A+ in my book.  You can find these fantastic products at Whole foods and

More about *Kiss My Face*

Kiss My face, a natural beauty and personal care company, is a pioneer in the natural and organic industry. The Brainchild of Bob Macleod and Steve Byckiewicz, two long time vegetarians searching for healthy body care alternatives. Kiss my face was founded on a 200 acre organic farm in New York’s beautiful Hudson River Valley and has been operating out of a converted barn and feed store ever since. From moisturizes to liquid soaps, shave creams to body lotions. Kiss My Face has a natural cruelty free products for you.

Make sure to follow their facebook page for more info and product updates:

And to order these products or others please take a look at their website.


2 thoughts on “Kiss My Face

  1. I’m a SUPER FAN of all things Kiss My Face! Love your blog and love all the inspiration.

    Also, us ladies of the Blog Brunch team are so excited to have you joining in on the Brunch tomorrow on Twitter (hashtag #blogbrunch). See then then!


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