The Buzz in Puerto Rico

Plus Size Models at Casting SFW

I was talking to my fellow blogger Marta Rivera about Fashion in Puerto Rico and she told me some amazing news, it seems that Designer Nelly Trindad is going to take her new collection “Mayestic Curves” to South Fashion Week in October, I am in love with the name of the collection i cannot wait to hear more about it! I heard that one of our writers Castelar Garcia came up with it.

 They had a casting call in Ponce, Puerto Rico which alot of beautiful models of all shapes and sizes attended. Marta was so ecstatic about the diversity of all the models, she was so happy when the plus size models arrived they were a hit with the casting agents.

Plus Size Model- Maria Colón

 This is such great news because all of a sudden the Plus Size Models have exploded down there, they are being talked about, getting into great editorials, and I just have to congratulate Ana Garcia for her beautiful editorial in “El Nuevo Dia” she is such a talented plus size model and very beautiful.

Designer Nelly Trinidad her collection for SFW will be “Mayestic Curves”

I read Plus Model Magazine this month and loved the Fashion Passport recap, the models looked beautiful and the event looked so fabulous! Wishing all the plus size models luck, because I know that Designer Trinidad’s collection will be amazing!


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