De~clutter your closet…

Time to get it together Girls! If you’re like me, you are the typical busy-busy-busy 20-somethin’ year old who has little to no time to organize her poor room!  Well today I only have time to show you what I did with my scarves which were scattered all over my room with no home to call their own.  So I set my sights on organizing them somewhere that I can easily reach for them.  I had this idea to put them on a hanger with Plastic shower rings (pictured below) around them…. But after a long search I couldn’t find spare ones in my house.

So instead I took a hanger from my closet and took the edge of my scarves and tied a simple loose knot onto the hanger and Viola instant scarve holder! My babies have a home now ^.^

Sorry for the bad quality only had my cell with me at the time..

Once I get some Plastic shower curtain rings i will post a new blog about it 🙂 Hope this post gave you an idea on what to do with your fab scarves.


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