Jesus Bernardo’s Boudoir Workshop Featuring his First Plus Size Model

Participants of Boudoir Workshop

The result of Jesus Bernardo’s Boudoir Workshop using his first Plus Size Model in Puerto Rico

Last week I blogged about a Boudoir Workshop for P.H.A.T. & Loving it, that was held in a Castle in Puerto Rico and I want to blog about the results of the Workshop. I have one word to describe it…Amazing.

Model Raiza Gonzalez

Model Raiza Gonzale

What I love about Photographer Jesus Bernardo’s approach is that he gets to know the model first, for me that is so important, and he transmitted this in his workshop, along with so many other techniques, the photographers spend time with the three models individually, remember it was a Boudoir Shoot but the models were first photographed in regular clothes then the Boudoir session began, this made it more comfortable for all involved.

Plus Model Ana Garcia

Plus Model Ana Garcia

They used two regular models and one plus size model, he took a chance with the plus size model and it was a hit. I just have to share pics of some of the photographers so you can see that a plus size model can also look beautiful in Boudoir!

Model-Delorean Torres

Model Delorean Torres

The Lingerie featured in this post is from the Blossom Boutique.


Marta Rivera is a blogger from Puerto Rico, she is an English professor  and a Plus Size advocate on the Island, an Island that is mainly for thin models, but she is trying her best to change that. Marta will be blogging for Curvy Girl on a Budget letting us know everything that is happening in the Plus Size community from fashion to events in Puerto Rico.

4 thoughts on “Jesus Bernardo’s Boudoir Workshop Featuring his First Plus Size Model

  1. Gonzalez, Torres, and Garcia are a far cry from plus size models. They are a little bit heavier (than a runway model) women with an extra long body to evenly distribute the weight. The fashion industry considers size 6 to be plus, and we all know this is just silly.

    Also food for thought: your positive paragraph “he took a chance with the plus size model and it was a hit. I just have to share pics of some of the photographers so you can see that a plus size model can also look beautiful in Boudoir!” is insulting and condescending at best. Bigger women look as wonderful as smaller women regardless of the lighting, outfits, and photo skill.

    • Hello Thank you for your comment.
      Let me explain, in the fashion industry women of Garcia’s size are plus sized. It may seem crazy but it’s true. Also the post stated there is only one plus size model in this post Ana is the only woman who is, the others are not. It’s the first time he has ever used a bigger model. To you she may not seem plus sized but in the Fashion industry she is. I so understand where you are coming from since i am a size 22/24 and very short. Also about the “Positive” paragraph, when designer’s or photographers who have never ever worked with a woman who is bigger than a size lets say 2 or 3 etc they feel like they are taking a leap of faith with the model since they are bigger than what they are use to. Some may think that women of a smaller size look better in Boudoir shoots then people of size. So when they saw them in it they were so surprised they actually looked great because they are not use to seeing women bigger in shoots like this. I so agree every woman looks gorgeous in Photo-shoots. If you want to blame someone for being insulting, condescending etc it’s not the person who wrote the post the people taking the photos, designer etc it’s the fashion industry you should be blaming. I have a friend who is size 3 Height 6’2 and was told she was too big to model and needed to lose weight! i was flabbergasted! the fashion industry needs to change. And my blog is for all sizes 🙂

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