Dear Alejandra Azcarate, Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

So i’m steering away from the usual things that i post on this blog to bring something that just outraged me to high heaven. I usally don’t get upset or phased by things like this but lord help me i almost blew one today. I was on facebook looking though posts when i came across an article posted on a Spanish website called Which was posted by Alejandra Azcarate i have no idea who she is i’m guessing thats why she made that post to get her name out there.  I was going to post on there but i decided not to because thats just want they want, to be honest after today i have never ever heard of this website. I will link the article. below.  When i read it i can just hear the mocking tone she was taking while writing the post. She reminded me of those mean girls in highschool who would pick on anyone who looked different.

I went on the site and saw this

 I like the body light, agile and resilient. I identify my genetics and metabolism with an aesthetic without masses, and disproportions reliefs. But also, today I decided to leave my primary perspective of beauty to open my mind and analyze the advantages of being fat. A woman born to be fat or fat must have certain points in its favor that should be highlighted and identified by the flacuchentas not like me.

(Sorry for the translation Spanish does not translate well in english) I thought oh okay this is cool lets see her take, so i read on. Dios Mio, i’m about to lay the smack down on this lady..                                                                                           ..Black Woman Passing out Pictures, Images and Photos

Click link to see the post:

(Again sorry for the translation)

Sooo because i am layed out in the beach i am suppose to be ashamed according to Alejandra, because i have stretch marks that look like i was attacked by a lion… oh ok….  lets see what else she wrote… Hmmm this is a good one she claims to be a victim….

She stated , I confess that i am part of the victims of this society that bombards us with specific patterns of beauty which thiness is an ideal. No she is not a Victm she is apart of the problem.  She is a bully!

No Alejandra you are not a victim you are a bully, you wrote a post thinking it will not offended people. Well if you look at the comments people have posted on your blog,facebook wall etc.. you have offended many. Do you not know alot of your fans may be plus sized? or did you just forget?…….

It sickens me that we live in a day and age that people still bully people i mean come on its 2012. Why can’t we all just accept each other the way we are? Why do we always have to criticize and have an negative opinion about each other. Why does it have to be Curvy this Thin this real woman this and that?  Why can’t we all just get along? It seems like something so easy to do, but we never even try.

This is my letter to her, maybe she will read it who knows….. This is my Advice to you Abe Lincoln said it best,  Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.
~Abraham Lincoln

Dear Alejandra Azcarate,

Spanish Version:

Esto es lo más ignorante artículo que he leído..Este es un artículo insultante y asqueroso. Usted escribió esto por odio a alguien diferente a ti mismo. Sólo puedo sentir el odio y la repugnancia arrojando de su artículo .. Suena más como una de esas chicas malas en la escuela que recogen en cada uno que es diferente. Ve a buscar una revisión de la realidad sólo porque usted es delgado no te hace una mejor persona. Necesitas una actitud para cambiar Pronto. Estoy muy decepcionado de que el editor de este sitio web, incluso te permiten publicar este artículo Asqueroso … La vergüenza de todos ustedes! Sólo para educar ya que no han tenido escolarización previa a este post … Ser gordo no saludable igual que es una suposición. Haga su investigación, pero no dejes que la primera cosa que ignoraba que aparece en tu cabeza salga usted.  le enseñó Piensa antes de hablar. Este es mi consejo para ti Abraham Lincoln lo dijo muy bien, mejor guardar silencio y ser considerado un tonto que hablar y despejar cualquier duda.

English Version:

This is the most ignorant thing i have ever read, This article is  insulting and disgusting.  I can feel the hatred and disgust spewing from your post. To me you sound like those mean girls that pick on all the lil girls and boys because they are different than you are. Go get a reality check just because you’re thin does not make you a better person.  You need an attitude check!  I am very disappointed that the editor of this website, even allowed you to publish this article.  Shame on you all! Just to educate you a bit,  Being plus size doesn’t mean you are unhealthy that’s just an assumption.  Do your research before putting the first thing that comes to your mouth out there.  I know you were taught you to think before you speak…….This is my Advice to you Abe Lincoln said it best,  Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

The Post stated above

Please check out this link to a Hilarious take on What Alejandra said jajaja

With this all said, i just can hope one day we don’t bash each other weather we are Curvy or Skinny.

Both Sizes are beautiful!


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