South Fashion Week Call Back..

I had the honor of being invited to the South Fashion Week Call Back last Sunday in Ponce, Puerto Rico. I did not know what to expect because it was the first time I went to something like this and I loved it!! Supporting our Plus Size Models was very important to me because they had the courage to go to a casting where it was mainly for the thinner models.

Models for South Fashion Week

When I arrived I said hi to Rene Cruz the President of South Fashion Week, a very charming man, then I met up with the Plus Size Models who had been called back, they were so happy I could see it in their eyes and that was priceless to me. Everything started on time, the designers chose their models for the Fashion Show that will be in October, it was very organized, that’s what I liked the most.

Curvy Models Chosen for South Fashion Week

I saw Grisel Barrios, she is the designer of BaGio Jewelry and gave her a big hug, she is the sweetest lady you will ever meet. Designer Nelly Trinidad and I sat together and we had so much fun, there were models all shapes and sizes and the little models even showed the designer how to model, it was so cute seeing how these tiny models are so professional. Designer Trinidad chose twelve of our beautiful Plus Size Models to model her new collection called Mayestic Curves.

Designer Nelly Trinidad and Yolyne Negron with their beautiful Curvy Models for South Fashion Week

The highlight of my day was meeting the featured model Nathalia Figueroa for the Fashion Show such a beautiful model and she was so sweet to take a pic with the Plus Size Models, seeing that unity between thin and curvy models was just wonderful. I will keep everyone posted as everything come along for one of the most anticipated Fashion Events of the year, South Fashion Week!!

Some of the Curvy Models chosen to Model for Designer Nelly Trinidad, looking happy to be a part of SFW

Model Rayza Lopez Garced and SFW President Rene Cruz

Mini Models

Giving Designer Trinidad a modeling class

Marta Rivera ,is a blogger from Puerto Rico, she is an English professor  and a Plus Size advocate on the Island, an Island that is mainly for thin models, but she is trying her best to change that. Marta will be blogging for Curvy Girl on a Budget letting us know everything that is happening in the Plus Size community from fashion to events in Puerto Rico.


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