My Week on Instagram

So i just wanted to share my past two weeks from instagram with you guys.

Heading towards Ocean Drive

Started my Week at the beach heading to Ocean Drive.

First time i’ve ever been to Fuddruckers had their Salmon Burger let me just say Amazing!

My Baby Snoopy Resting ❤

Attended Fashion Bloggers Do it better: Summer Edition. I loved the fashion show Especially when it showed all sizes, it was very diverse.

I will be posting a blog about the event, let me just tell you these girls and guys who attended the event rocked it with their outfits.

My friend Jumping in the pool, my bro just watching lol

South Beach ❤

I love the beach, it’s the best place for me to think  it washes all the stress away.

I haven’t had food like this for a long time and boy it was well worth the wait. I visited a small Cuban Restaurant in Miami called  El Palacio De Los Jugos i suggest you visit this place if you are in the Miami Area its amazing.

Heading towards Hollywood Beach

I ended my week at Hollywood Beach, it was a crazy but fun two weeks. I hope you had a great fourth of july!

If you are on instagram follow me at Diorgirl17

“The precious jewels of life are often times found tucked away and hidden in the gravel and stones that lay on the sidelines. Only those who dare abase themselves enough to stop and search through the rubble will enjoy those jewels.”


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