‘Project Runway’ designer Ven Budhu doesn’t think before he speaks

So on  Thursday night’s Project Runway brought us Ven Budhu , the designer who up until this point looked like the season’s front-runner.  Displaying the most utterly disgusting, cruel,unthoughtful behavior towards a non-model client ever. EVER. It was the (Real People Challenge)  and by my surprise Ven Budhu was a total d bag!  I was watching the show and was wincing throughout it.  He was polite in his initial sit-down with Terri and her friend, then he told the cameras when he first saw Terri he was “in shock” Because she was bigger than he would like. He goes on to say that  “Working with a plus-size person is very, very challenging,” he told the cameras.  Later on, he told Tim Gunn, “My client doesn’t really have a shape. She doesn’t have any sense of style whatsoever.”

The thing that infuriates me is that he did not keep these comments to himself, be blasted a slew of insults in front of her.  No regard to her feelings, she even cried and do you think he gave a crap? No he did not! Because he stuck to his guns and felt like he was the victim. I mean if we want to be technical here.. He IS plus sized!  He’s twice her size yet he obviously manages to find clothes and dress himself everyday.  If you are a real designer you should be able to design for every body type, not just size 0,2,4 etc. Plus size women are a huge demographic and Hello!! if you make it fabulous we will buy!

This is the design he put her in at the end of the night, what do you think?

He took to Twitter to defend his actions..

He stated that Everyone’s client was enthusiastic about being there and my client was miserable from the first day we met.. Listen here Mr. Ven, she would have been a happy camper if you weren’t a total douche bag! If you are getting torn down by someone, telling you that you are not a “real” woman because your plus size, would you be happy? Your lucky i wasn’t there my foot would have been so far up your (you know I don’t need to even say it) But I think the most insulting part was when he still was unapologetic, and said he didn’t deserve to be the last one standing on the runway.

Okay, i’m calm now.

I saw countless articles about Ven and one comment caught my eye, It said exactly what I was thinking!

“You’re inability to step out of your extra small box doesn’t make you a great designer. If you can’t figure out the proportions for people who are not as tall or as thin as runway models, you won’t have a career, because the majority of your would be clients wouldn’t fit your “vision,” you condescending, egotistical boob!”

I just wanted to let Terri know, you are a beautiful curvaceous woman and you deserved to be treated better!

What are your thoughts ? Should Ven Budhu be eliminated?


4 thoughts on “‘Project Runway’ designer Ven Budhu doesn’t think before he speaks

  1. To answer your last question: Big time (No pun intended heehee). But in all seriousness, what happened to kindness towards and passion for clients? I don’t even watch the show, but I mean, c’mon guy, what’s the point of being that way? Was it for ratings?

    • I agree, i watch it at times but not always. And Ven is very talented but i never expected him to be cruel like this. And what made me irate was he did it in her face. One thing is to be doing it behind someone’s back, its another to say it in someones face. No class at all. Even if you don’t like someones body type or whatever the case may be. You have to please the customer, and understand their needs.show them compassion, comprise,work with them, make them happy.

  2. Terri’s friends have more control than me…I would have beaten this fat a$$ down. It’s ridiculous that he wasn’t thrown off the show!!! If anyone see’s this POS on the street put him down on the street!!!!!

    • You can say that again!! I would have lost my dang mind! For a minute there i was like whats pos, then i was like OHHHHH! lolol He already just screwed up his career, but knowing Project Runway he might just win it all. Last time one of the contestants made a lady cry and was so cruel to her. But he went on to win the whole competition…I just hope Ven Learns a lesson in this, which i doubt he will…

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