1426 Fashion Week Meet and Greet 2012: Jeans and Pearls

I am so excited to share with you about 1426 Fashion Week’s Meet and Greet last Thursday  let me just tell you it was amazing! I met so many great people, and networked with alot of people in the industry. 

From Left to Right: Myself,Plus Model Alexis, Kimberly, Plus Model Vivian

Gorgeous models at the event!

Hanging out with these ladies was a blast i am so blessed to have met them.

Michelle and Jennifer let me tell you these ladies killed it on the runway!

Some of the Male Models

Some of the models having a good time!

With Fallon Sinclair of IPM Model and Nikki from Blogger Southern Hollywood Productions 

Linda Scott CEO/Founder of 1426 Fashion Week and Academy. (Pictured in Red)

Beautiful Mother and Daughter

Plus Model Nessa and Alyssa

Some of the Models and Designer Angel Myers from Angel Myers Designs  (Pictured in Yellow)

Vivian and I, it was such a pleasure meeting her she is awesome!

Some of the Models working it! Left to Right: Plus Models Terressa ,Aiysha, Brazilia Moda, and Alexis!

Outfit of the Day:

Corset: Ashley Stewart $6.98

Jeans: Ashley Stewart $20.00

Jacket: Thrifted

Necklace: Bought it at an Halloween shop for $2.00

Clutch: Rainbow $10.00

Shoes: Payless $2.00

I had an amazing time at the 1426 Meet and Greet, i wish i could have been there all night but a girls gotta get her beauty rest doesn’t she? 😉  I cannot wait to share with you the 1426 Fashion Week Runway show. It was truly a beautiful experience, straight size and plus size integrating the runway is something amazing.

~Curvy Girl On a Budget~


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