Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura Holiday Collection 2012

“Creating something that is universally beautiful. That is art.”-Mr. Shu Uemura’

For the Holiday 2012, Shu Uemura announces an exceptional collaboration with the legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. With his artful hands and revolutionary vision of Mr. Shu Uemura transformed the image of women through make-up, passionately elevating beauty into a true work of art. Karl Lagerfeld’s illustrious career as a master of fashion design and photography has presented a worldview so unique he has become one of the most influential creators of his time. Both have propelled their crafts into the future with their untiring quests for innovation and beauty.In collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld the 2012 holiday collection is an exquisite collection with a surprisingly unique edge.  Here are just a few items from the collection:

Karl for shu smoky velvet palette:

mon shu girl appears against a classic red background on the palette case setting the tone for this moody palette. The smoky shades include: silky smooth eye shadow in glitter black and deep khaki; pressed eye shadow accents in elegant light silver, mint green, glitter beige; dusty rose on cheek give an impression of sophistication. silk smooth eye shadow I, 2 pressed eye shadow 3, 4, 5 glow on 6


Karl for shu prestigious bordeaux palette:

“mon shu girl” appears against a cool silver backdrop on the palette case of this gorgeous array of coordinated colors that revolves around rich bordeaux. Silky smooth eye shadow in glamorous glitter wine and deep brown; pressed eye shadows in pale purple, soft brown, and brick gold add sensual accents; coral rose for sparkling allure on cheeks. silk smooth eye shadow I, 2 pressed eye shadow 3, 4, 5 glow on 6

Karl for shu premium eyelashes and mini eyelashes:
Striking premium edition tailor-made false eyelashes decorated with small red crystals on black and white fabric are the perfect gift. Each exquisite hand-made pair takes hours to create. Mini natural false eyelashes that add a festive charm to eyes. A mix of silver sequins and beautiful black hair with a red accent add a holiday spirit.

mon shu mini brush set:
Compact size silver brush case that features the SUKL logo and mon shu girl illustration. The smart black interior with graphic accents includes a multi use pocket and 4 silver handle brushes- one goat hair cheek brush, two eye shadow brushes in nylon and sable, one lip/eyeliner brush-all made in Japan.

Rouge unlimited:
From iconic red to cute coquettish pale tones, tint your lips with rich moisture and long lasting comfort. A stylish black box outfits the lipstick package that features the cute mon shu girl character.

Satin purple Shade:
This Sophisticated blackish satin purple shade enhances eye definition and adds a dash of sultriness to the holidays.

Nail Love:

Karl Lagerfeld dares you to tint your nails with iconic colors and velvety smooth and shimmery textures, or go a step further and play with specially designed nail stickers. karl’s black polish, dares you rock his black enamel polish with a hint of shimmer.  Royal Beige, is a neutral shade that will make your fingers look longer and can be rocked with any outfit! Shu Shu Red has to be my favorite! It’s so glamorous and  is a classic red shade. Also they offer Mon Shu girl nail stickers! Customize your nail color with Karl Lagerfeld’s artwork, a nail sticker for each nail!


What is your favorite from this collection?

Also tomorrow is the last day you can take advantage of the 20% off plus free shipping use promo code WISH2021 at the checkout. I know i am! 🙂



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