Net10 Wireless perfect stocking stuffer #Net10Latino


I wanted to let you guys know about Net10 Wireless, it’s a  cellphone provider my family and are testing out.  We received Two Net10 Smartphone’s with unlimited talk, data and text. With Net10 Wireless you can enjoy unlimited plans with calls, SMS, data, and calling to landlines and cell phones in Mexico and over 100 other countries, all for up to half the price of other cellphone companies. I really enjoyed reviewing the phones, they are very sleek easy to use and very affordable on any budget. I felt like Net10 is the best choice for my family there are (3) of us and we are used to paying $200 plus for contracted phones. With Net10 my family are saving tons of money, For 3lines it’s $130 dollars a month. Lets break down there plans!

  • Unlimited talk, text/picture messaging, web/email and calls to 411 – $50 for 30 days
  • Add a second line and pay $90
  • Add a third line and pay just $130
  • Add a fourth line and pay just $170


I was able to test drive two great phones:   LG Optimus Logic  and the LG800

The first phone we received is the LG Optimus Logic, an Android Smart-Phone. Retailed for 79.99 (Such a bargain!) It’s Smartphone which is so easy to use, and let me tell you the cell phone battery lasted me a long time.

  • 3.2″ touchscreen
  • 3G/Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Android 2.3
  • 4GB microSD card
  • 3 MP Camera/video recorder
  • 800MHz Processor

The second phone was an LG800G it’s a basic phone and great for the little ones. It has easy to use buttons and easy to handle. Perfect stocking stuffer. Retails for $49.99

  • Full touchscreen
  • 2.0 MP Camera/video recorder
  • & more

The LG Optimus is only able to be used with the Unlimited plans but the LG LB800G can be used with either the unlimited plans, $25/750 minutes (30 day plan) or the pay  as you go option. I love that Net10Wireless is a No Contract provider, so I can just drop the line with no questions asked or massive fees.  Yay!


Net10 partnered with the country’s top four carriers to have exceptional network quality, all the service with half the cost.

  • With Net10 Wireless, everyone in the family can get their own smartphone, plus unlimited everything—all for half of what a contract plan would charge.
  • Net10 Family plans include unlimited data, text, talk, starting at $50 for first line, $40 each additional line.
  • Net10 Wireless offers the latest Android and other phones, with unlimited local and long-distancecalling on America’s best networks as well as roaming, text messaging, Internet access, and WiFiconnectivity.

To learn more about these phones and plans visit www.net10wireless (English) or (Spanish)

Connect with Net10Wireless on Facebook:

Net10 Wireless phones and airtime cards are available at 90,000 locations across the USA, including Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Family Dollar, K-Mart, Radio Shack and CVS stores and online at You can buy phones, monthly plans or get airtime it is so easy!

Here is a quick Live review of the phone and the plans sorry about the loud breathing i have a cold 😦

#Net10Latino from curvygirlonabudget on Vimeo.

 This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Net10 Wireless. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


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