Puerto Rico mourns Ana Grace Marquez and all the victims of Newtown Conn. shooting.

This is one of the hardest blogs I have ever written in my life. It’s not about Fashion Shows, Editorials, the things I normally blog about it is about something that touched and broke my heart….last Friday I came home from work, I am working as a pre-school teacher at a great school named Plaza Kids, in my hometown of Aguas Buenas , Puerto Rico. I sat down and checked Facebook and saw a comment from my good friend Janelle Cissell (Ruby Leonne) talking about death of children I hadn’t heard the news and she told me what had happened in Connecticut, I was devastated…I thought about my students, their beautiful faces, their innocence, the way they hug and kiss me and tell me they love me. In the morning before starting my class I always talk to my daughter and before hanging up they say to her “Good Morning Ana, we love you” they know her from pics I have in my classroom…. they are so precious, and for this to happen to these innocent victims is so sad, especially at Christmas time.


Ana Grace Marquez

Among the children was one of our own from Puerto Rico she was the niece of the Mayor of Maunabo, Ana Grace Marquez….I keep thinking about how scared those little children were when they were killed and I am having a hard time dealing with this, my prayers go out to the family of the victims…may they rest in peace!!





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