Recap of 2012 for the Curvy Community in Puerto Rico..

2012…what an amazing year this was for our Curvy girls and Models in Puerto Rico. I am going to focus on the positive things that happened……Designer Nelly Trinidad uses beautiful Curvy Models for her Fashion Show Sensual Delights, Nanette Blossom owner of Blossom Boutique decides to put a Plus Size Model on the runway with straight size models modeling her Lingerie at Bridal Expo.

Three of Sensual Delights Models

Jesus Bernardo Nieves a great photographer on the Island also decides to use a Plus Size Model in a Boudoir Seminar. I got to meet Madeline Jones, Editor and Chief of Plus Model Magazine along with some beautiful international models at Fashion Passport Fashion Show, a life long dream of mine as I admire her so much for what she does for the Plus Size Community.

Plus Size Model Ana Garcia modeling for Blossom Boutique at Bridal Expo

I love her passion and drive for what she believes in. My Tropical Curves production was a hit and was covered by EGO TV…I have had a chance to write for EGO blog Fashionable Curves, Ruby Leonne, Curvy Girl on a Budget and P.H.A.T. Blog…..Vanessa Velez and Plus Size Model Ana Garcia’s editorial was chosen by Plus Model Magazine for the Swimsuit Edition 2012…

Plus Size Model at Jesus Bernardo's Boudoir Workshop

Esposa Moderna Magazine goes Curvy and chooses Curvy Models modeling Bridal dresses and Lingerie….Designer Trinidad’s and Yolyne Negron, Majestic Curves Designs at South Fashion Week were talked about internationally. The Curvy Girls editorial in EGO Magazine was amazing and got great reviews…and a new queen was crowned Miss Bold and Beautiful 2012 Shasquia Diaz, a beautiful and inspiring young woman.

Madeline Jones and International Models at Fashion Passport in Puerto Rico

I feel so happy with all these wonderful things that have happened on an Island that is a thin models territory, and I hope that 2013 will also bring wonderful things to our Curvy Community as well……Happy New Year!!…

Vanessa Velez's Swimsuit Editorial for PLus Model Magazine 2012

I got to meet Madeline Jones Editor and Chief of Plus Model Magazine at Fashion Passport, a great and charming lady…my blogs were shared on Plus Model Magazine page.

One of Esposa Moderna's Curvy Brides Karla Medina

Evolve Magazine from London has been supporting us…..what is in store for 2013 for our Curvy Girls…..a great magazine is doing it’s first Curvy Editorial, I am planning my next Fashion Event, and God willing I will get the chance to work with Charmed Eyes Greis on a project…..a makeup artist that is so talented…

Tropical Curves Design-Curvy Model Leemar Ago


Majestic Curves Fashion Show at South Fashion Week

Miss Bold and Beautiful 2012- Shasquia Diaz

So God Willing 2013 here I come!!!!!


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