Curvy Girl star visits Puerto Rico!

I love the Reality Show Curvy Girls and getting to meet and be at a behind the scenes shoot with one of the stars was an amazing experience. Lornalitz Baez arrived at Photographer Vanessa Velez’s Studio for hair and makeup which was done by and amazing MUA named Raiza Gonzalez Montes.

Lornalitz and MUA Raiza Gonzalez Montes

Lornalitz and MUA Raiza Gonzalez Montes

We talked so much about the Industry, her show, and her family whom she adores, having such a wonderful time, she is so easy to talk to, I felt I had known her forever.


After hair and makeup was done we headed to Piñones, it has a beautiful beach there and started the shoot, we were also joined by another great photographer named Enuel Viera whom helped out with the shoot, I saw some of the professional pics and was at awe, just beautiful!


Lornalitz shooting with Photographers-Vanessa Velez and Enuel Viera

In my opinion the success of this shoot was the amazing team of professionals that Vanessa Velez works with. I want to share some behind the scenes of the shoot, hope you enjoy!!




  Lornallitz and Photographer Vanessa Velez



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