Green Works: You Don’t Have to Be Ridiculous to be Green #YouDontHavetoBe

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Do you feel the pressure to be green? A recent survey of 600 women revealed that in this day and age of green-this and eco-that, there is even more pressure to be environmentally conscious than ever before.  Did you know that: 544,000: Trees would be saved if every household in the United States replaced just one roll of virgin fiber paper towels (70 sheets) with 100 percent recycled ones.  Make sure you know what you can and can’t recycle  when I was learning how to recycle I made Boo boo’s left and right and recycled things that shouldn’t have been. So I definitely suggest you check out the rules for your area and make sure you don’t send anything in that can’t be processed. Each city has its own specifics, so try to follow those guidelines as best you can.

It’s not to hard being Eco-friendly, here are some steps to put you in the right direction

  • Recycle, Recycle, Recycle, you will be surprised how rewarding it is to recycle. Not only are you saving the earth! But Where I live every time you recycle you actually earn points for it!
  • Use Reusable bags when you shop.
  • Try to purchase locally grown foods, the benefits of purchasing locally grown foods is local food is more nutritious! Once harvested, produce quickly loses nutrients. Since local produce is cold right after it’s picked it retains more nutrients.
  • Clean your home with Eco Friendly Cleaners like Clorox Green Works products, they are inexpensive and good for the environment.
  • There are so many things you can do to be more Eco friendly!


In a recent survey from the Clorox company, ninety-three percent of women agree that being environmentally friendly should be accessible to everyone. Most women say affordability makes green product purchases more accessible (63%) than any other factor. That’s a big percentage! I know eating or buying organic is not budget friendly but they do have Food Co-ops in your city that provide discount prices for so much fresh fruit and vegi’s. Even buying cleaning products can be a  bit expensive that’s why i always make my own cleaning products ( I will post a quick homemade cleaning products below) or buy Clorox Green works cleaning supplies! Which are budget friendly and safe for the environment.

How to make your own All-purpose disinfectant: Mix 2 cups water, a few drops of natural soap, and 15 drops each of tea tree and lavender organic essential oil. You can spray this on all kinds of home surfaces. Just don’t use this on glass, as it will streak. This basic cleaner is so safe and gentle you could literally spray it on your kids, and they’d be fine. I do suggest baths over disinfecting the kiddos though Link to more homemade cleaning supplies.

About Green Works: 

Green Works products clean with the same power that people have come to expect from The CloroxCompany, and are priced comparable to non-premium traditional cleaners and available at mainstream retailers. Eliassen added, “Our products back-up our marketing message. You don’t have to compromise on clean to be green. The Green Works brand provides naturally-derived products with extraordinary cleaning power that are fairly priced and available where regular people shop.

Do you feel pressure about being green? What do you do to be green?

Clorox was kind enough to gift one of  my readers a Clorox green works gift basket so you can do your part in being green!

 This giveaway ends February 15th, 2013  Must be 18 years or older to enter. Open to U. S. Residents only.*

 Each of the following counts for one (1) entry. Leave (1) separate comment for each entry. 🙂

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Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Green Works. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


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