Saving money with Angel Soft!

angelsoftpic You may have saw my post about how My mother inspired me to be 2x time stronger here.  I’m back to talk about how you balance your household with Angel Soft. We are always running around either to work, school to the store and more, at times not having time to go out and buy things we may need in the home. Angel Soft is helping families achieve balance in managing the household budget with their 2X Stronger toilet paper.  It is an ideal balance of softness and strength at a value we all can love.



I love saving money hence the blog name Curvy girl on a budget, and it can be very difficult to balance a hectic life and saving money but you can do it! My family and I have a  day which we sit down and cut coupons just to save a bit of money every week. I think it’s so cool that Angel soft is 2x times stronger which cuts your time driving to the store to buy more because it last’s so long and saves you so much money. This gives me more time to enjoy my families company.

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What makes you 2x stronger? Plus giveaway! #AngelSoft

I am so glad that Angel Soft asked me what situation in my life has made me 2x times stronger. I have had alot of things in my life that has happened that has made me 2 times stronger than I was before.  It was through those experiences that made me a stronger person and grateful for everything I have. One experience that i’ve had was when my mother was diagnosed with Pancreatitis, It was devastating news to our family. Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas which requires immediate medical attention and hospitalization during an attack that has multiple causes and symptoms. When she was first diagnosed they asked her she was a heavy drinker. She quickly told them that she is allergic to alcohol and doesn’t drink ,they were so confused because some people who are heavy drinkers get this but that’s not the case for all. They dove into her medical history and found out that the medication she was taking for all these years for her Asthma damaged her Pancreas.


My Beautiful Mommy and I! 

This condition made her very ill and put her through alot of  pain which was awful to see especially when you really can’t do anything to help, but be there for her and comfort her.  Even through she was in that much pain she still went to work and took care of the family. Just seeing this made me so much stronger as a person, that even through adversities I can come out stronger in the end like my mother did. To never give up and push on even if you are going through some health concerns or hard times. That everything will get better in the end. I’m so glad I was able to share this story with all of my lovely readers!


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Share precious memories with #Lifeables

As a person who is constantly on social networks and taking a million photos, i am always on the lookout for new Apps or websites that can help organize my social life.  Especially my family photos, some of my family members do not live near by they live in New York,Cuba and Dominican Republic. So it’s hard to actually connect with them since the ones out of country cannot just log onto facebook to see the hundreds of photos my family has taken on vacation.  So I was so excited to hear about this new service called Lifeables, that allows you to take all of your family photos and put them on one social platform.  It’s a free service that automates the entire process of capturing, sorting through, organizing and displaying our family stories plus it was so easy to use!

I loved how it was easy to navigate and how it filtered through my Twitter,Facebook and can even add videos of your family in the program which is pretty awesome. Lifeables makes it so you can keep your child’s story private or you can chosen the option to share with others. There are just some family moments you want to keep between family. Something that i really love about this program is that you can tell a story.

Lifeables uses the information that you provide on your children, particularly their formal name and any nicknames, along with their profile photo, to locate photos on your networks, including any new ones that may be posted in the future that you can be notified of by email. You can even incorporate content that others may provide, like photos that they may take of your children. Each child can have his own profile that is formatted like a bulletin board with customizable background options.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. To get started, connect to the social accounts where you most frequently talk about or post pictures of your kids. We can even search those of your friends and family if you are connected to them on Facebook.
  2. Then, tell us a bit about your kids.
  3. That’s it – just sit back and let us bring the moments to you.
  4. Then, you just pick which memories you’d like to save and instantly view the story of your child’s life.
  5. Keep it just for you or share it with family and friends.

Also if you are an expectant parent you can even create a blog for your baby who will start to make their own memories very soon.

Learn More about Lifeables

Lifeables Product Tour from Lifeables on Vimeo.

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Degree Unapologetically Strong Campaign..

I love that Degree Women® is Celebrating Unapologetically Strong Women! They asked if I would share a story about being unapologetically strong. I decided to share about my Great grandmother who taught me how to be a strong woman. She became a widow at the age of 30, she was left to raise her Eight Children by herself. While running a bed and breakfast,and providing for her family. Not once did she complain, she knew she had to do this for her family.  She pushed forward in life to raise her children, provide for their education and still ran a business on her own.

As we all know back way when, women were not allowed to own their own business. Because of this she had to overcome alot of adversities. My great-grandmother was a very tough cookie, if you told her she couldn’t do something because she was a woman she would have proved you wrong on the spot! One thing that inspires me about her is she ran her own business and did all she did in life with a first grade education. She never finished school, didn’t even know how to read or write. Because of where’s she’s from The Dominican Republic women were taught that you stay in the kitchen and that’s your place, back around the 1920’s. (she was 100 something when she passed away)  She learned how to read and write later in life when she was 60 years old. She taught her great-grandchildren that education is paramount and to never give up. I consider her to be  unapologetically strong, she is one of my greatest inspirations. Because of all of this my mother instilled in me to be a fighter and to go for my dreams,never give up, if an obstacle comes my way learn how to strategize and not run from it. There is nothing wrong in being a strong woman!

I was given a sample of “Degree Women® Clinical Protection with motionSENSE™ to try out as part of this campaign.  I’ve never really used Degree before because I have sensitive skin and was scared to try anything new. But guess what? I loved it! and I didn’t have an allergic reaction, which is just want this unapologetically strong girl needs.

Sports broadcaster, Erin Andrews has partnered with Degree Women® to encourage others to accomplish their own personal triumphs.  Watch this video to learn more:

What About You?

Share your own unique and inspiring Unapologetically Strong story on the Degree Women® Facebook page for a chance to win a grand prize of $5,000 to spend on achieving your goal. The Facebook contest runs Sept 12 – Sept 26.

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Esposa Moderna’s Editor and Chief Brenda Sosa talks Curvy!!

When you are a bride to be you have so many things on your mind and help is always needed. I found a wonderful magazine on the Island that is called Esposa Moderna, “Modern Wife” that is a God sent for any bride. The editor and chief is a beautiful lady named Brenda Sosa Díaz, she was born in San Juan and obtained her degree in Business Administration from the University of Puerto Rico.

Brenda Sosa Editor and Chief of Esposa Moderna “Modern Wife”

I talked to her a while back, she was charming and very professional telling me that when you work with love and compromise everyone wins! Her magazine has everything that a bride to be needs,  from Photographers, Videographers, Catering Services, Receptions Locations, Bridal Gowns, Men’s Formalwear – Tuxedos, Bridal Registry, Honeymoon Destinations, Hotels, Wedding Destinations, Florists, Wedding Coordinators, Gift, Health and Beauty,  Music for Ceremony, Restaurants, and Lingerie, among others.

Curvy Model- Karla Medina

I asked Brenda what she thought about curvy models modeling for their magazine and she told me that she was very happy because every woman comes in different shapes and sizes and even if you are curvy you can be a beautiful bride! She has  used curvy models modeling beautiful wedding gowns and lingerie.

IPM Model- Ana Garcia

IPM Model- Ana Garcia

 The magazine is compact and you can take it with you in your purse anywhere you go, I loved that idea also. I wish Brenda and all her team at Esposa Moderna all the luck in the world and I hope to see many more issues of this great magazine and more curvy models in their magazine.

Marta Rivera ,is a blogger from Puerto Rico, she is an English professor  and a Plus Size advocate on the Island, an Island that is mainly for thin models, but she is trying her best to change that. Marta will be blogging for Curvy Girl on a Budget letting us know everything that is happening in the Plus Size community from fashion to events in Puerto Rico.

Photographer Vanessa Velez’s New Project…

I just had to blog about photographer Vanessa Velez’s new project because I was there behind the scenes and it was amazing. She has been planning this project for months she said and I quote “it is a start of a new journey, I can say with certainly that I am nervous but also super excited. I have been planning this photo series for two months and now it is starting to come together.” Her concept for the shoot is wonderful, it is Glam Boudoir using models petite, thin, and curvy, each will portray a famous model icon from the past.

Her two first models were IPM Model Ana Garcia and Model Stephanie Roblejo, one petite model. one curvy model and they were both incredible, at one point Vanessa got emotional because to see her dream come to life was overwhelming but she composed herself and she went on with the shoot…the styling was done by Vanessa, the make-up by Ana Garcia and Enuel Viera,Vanessa’s husband that is another great photographer also helped out. I am giving you a sneak peek of some pics and when she is finished with the project I will blog about it so you can see the finished product!!

It’s a Wrap!

Marta Rivera ,is a blogger from Puerto Rico, she is an English professor  and a Plus Size advocate on the Island, an Island that is mainly for thin models, but she is trying her best to change that. Marta will be blogging for Curvy Girl on a Budget letting us know everything that is happening in the Plus Size community from fashion to events in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico, any photographers dream for a shoot

Designer Rikii Sanabria and IPM Model Ana Garcia

Puerto Rico is a dream come true for any photographer to take pics, I have been so lucky to get invited to cover the behind the scenes for my blogs. Last Saturday I was behind the scenes with Hector Castillo one of my favorite photographers ever on the Island, the shoot was located at a beautiful historical place called El Arsenal and it is located at the southernmost tip of San Juan in the Puntilla Street.

Photographer Hector Castillo and Model Apolonia Vargas

It a mixture of architectural styles that range from Romansque to neoclassical, it is just beautiful, currently the building is home for three exhibition galleries and many cultural activities are currently held there. When I arrived I met up with Designer Rikii Sanabria we chatted for a bit because we are thinking about doing a project together with Curvy Models, he is a very talented and charming young man, I will be blogging about him very soon.

IPM Model Ana Garcia

Hector’s models were IPM Model Ana Garcia and Apolonia Vargas,one straight model, one curvy model, and they both looked beautiful. I can’t wait for the next shoot that will be very soon because Hector will be a part of the new project with Designer Sanabria. Stay tuned!

Marta Rivera ,is a blogger from Puerto Rico, she is an English professor  and a Plus Size advocate on the Island, an Island that is mainly for thin models, but she is trying her best to change that. Marta will be blogging for Curvy Girl on a Budget letting us know everything that is happening in the Plus Size community from fashion to events in Puerto Rico.

The Gallery Los Angeles and Wella Professionals Presents Fashion’s Night Out at Beverly Hills


On August 15, 2012 The Gallery Los Angeles, the event production and marketing firm that produces Los Angeles Fashion Weekend, makes the announcement that they will be hosting Fashion’s Night Out, along with Wella Professionals, on September 6th, 2012, from 7:00pm-10:00pm, at Beverly Hills Porsche. Fashion’s Night Out in Beverly Hills will include an elite fashion show with some of L.A.’s most revered designers including Anthony Franco and Dina Bar El. The Gallery Los Angeles will transform Beverly Hills Porsche into the go-to event, with Little Black Dress VodkaLovoka and Diabolo creating a stocked open bar. Lucky guests will also have the opportunity to have one-on-one time with top beauty experts from title sponsor Wella Professionals and cosmetic sponsor Napoleon Perdis, at their beauty bars.
For more information please visit Diversity News Magazine

Things that made me smile this week

Gabby Douglas took home Gold, for Team USA.

This Beautiful Photo of  Georgina Horne

The Amazing  Georgina Horne one of my Style Inspirations.  Her Blog,

Photographed by Velvet d’Amour for

Loving this song ❤

Waking up to this every morning ❤

This Amazing Necklace! If you know where i can find this please let me know! ❤

This Photo is inspirational ❤All Sizes are beautiful! 🙂

The Fabulous Allison McGevna from Inside Allie’s World

She inspired me to wear stripes this week.

Preach it! I live by this.

These are just some of the things that made me smile this week, hope they make you smile too dolls ❤

Tropical Curves Fashion Show in Puerto Rico was a mega hit!

Tropcial Curves Models and Blogger/Plus Size advocate Marta Rivera and Designers Nelly Trinidad and Yolyne Negron

Getting to produce the fashion show Tropical Curves was a dream come true for me, I had this idea in my head for months, presented it to Designer Nelly Trinidad and she loved the idea, remember it is until recently that mainstream designers use curvy models on the Island.

Dary Lee Lander Master of Ceremonies

Tropical Curves Model

First I chose a name for the collection and went searching for the  11 beautiful curvy models that would model them, because I am in charge of choosing the models for the designer, then we started the promos, made by Lisandra Falcon and it all came together, we got two great designers to present their collection along side Designer Trinidad, Grisel Barrios and Fernando Gantier, Israel Nieves owner of Divas for Ever and More let the models use his beautiful shoes. The Fashion Show was  presented on July 27, 2012 at the Marriott Hotel in San Juan.

Tropical Curves Model

Everything went smoothly, the models all got along great and had such a great time backstage, we had a full house, Dary Lee Lander an ex beauty queen was the master of ceremonies, she was amazing… and we had a group of dancers during intermission that danced to Tropical Music called Just Perfect Dancers….EGO TV came, Jesus Bernardo took the pics.  Ginny Barkley Editor of  Mujer Creativa and Inelda Santana Director of Style & Mode were also there. I want to share  some of the pics from the Fashion Show that were taken by Jesus Bernardo so you can see for yourself that the designs were just beautiful….

Tropical Curves Model

Tropical Curves Model

Tropical Curves Model

Tropical Curves Model

Tropical Curves Model

Tropical Curves Model

Tropical Curves Model

Designers Nelly Trinidad and Yolyne Negron

Tropical Curves Model.

Tropical Curves Model.

Marta Rivera ,is a blogger from Puerto Rico, she is an English professor  and a Plus Size advocate on the Island, an Island that is mainly for thin models, but she is trying her best to change that. Marta will be blogging for Curvy Girl on a Budget letting us know everything that is happening in the Plus Size community from fashion to events in Puerto Rico.