About Me!

 Hello my Curvy fashionistas ♥ I wanted to start this page for Curvy and Plus size girl’s who love to save money on clothing. As a Plus size or Curvy girl  its hard to find nice clothing on a budget. Well at least that’s the case for myself. I Only shop on the clearance rack or when there is a sale i cannot pass up. It is possible to shop for fashionable clothing on a budget. And i’m here to help and give tips on how to achieve this. This page is about Finding Stylish clothing for an Affordable Price. We also talk about Latest Trends, Fashion and beauty.

~Curvy Girl On A Budget~


24 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Special Award for Glamour Love Peace

    Hi there,

    I have been following your blog for a while and I am extremely impressed with your posts, particularly the one on summer hair styles. We have a fashion and beauty blog, Be In Style (http://pocketchange.become.com/category/fashion-and-beauty), which covers everything from skin care products to fabulous summer dresses.

    We currently average around 1.5 to 2k unique visitors per day at our shopping blog homepage with users clicking through to an average of 500 single posts. We are always looking for blogs with exceptional content. I feel that your site is outstanding and I wanted to present our Style Award to your blog.

    If you feel this would be something you might be interested in please let me know and I will happily answer any questions or queries you might have.

    Kind regards,

    Briana Hernandez

  2. Hi! I came across your blog only a few days ago and I love it. I’m plus size as well and I do love to save as much money as I can on clothing. Your blog is inspirational and makes me very proud to be curvy. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your kind words they truly made my day! ❤ 😀 It was hard at first to make the blog because i was not confident in myself whatsoever. But my mom inspired me to make it and be proud of being plus size. That beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
      Don't be a stranger! Hope to hear from you soon. 😀

  3. You’re very welcome! My mom is also my biggest inspiration. She carries herself with such confidence and I only hope to be as beautiful inside and out as she is. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely keep following your blog and popping in once in a while. 🙂 Thanks so much!

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